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Welcome To Glow Shine Academy

Glow Shine Academy Secondary School is a well known school in Chitwan district. It was established in 2060 in eastern Chitwan at the heart of Parsa Bazzar. It was founded by the team of instructors, educationists, social workers and academic enthusiasts aiming to provide best quality education to produce highly qualified citizens to compete in the world and to meet the goals of this nation. This school not only provides the best education but also teaches the students in homely environment to socialize in the society well.

About the school building, it has two separate buildings ie secondary block and primary block with spacious room and windows. It has a furnished multimedia room, Library, and a fully equipped science lab. There is a facility of a hostel within the school premises having a well kitchen room, a dinning room and a boarding house. The Surveillance cameras connected in each room keep an eye on the activities that can help better learning environment.


School curriculum is the heart of learning environment. The syllabus adapted in the school is thoroughly based on the guidelines prescribed by the Government of Nepal. Besides this, other English courses are also included for better English improvement of students.

But for the pre-primary level, the school follows a detailed and graded syllabus that has been prepared by the school that solely based on the Montessori teaching and learning activities.

Examination System

Examination and evaluation system are based on the summative and formative evaluation system. Generally unit test, surprised test, mid-term test, terminal examination and final examinations are conducted for all. For grades VIII, X, XI and XII students, other several tests and exams are also conducted such as, tests on every Saturday for grade x and pre-board exams. Students' progress reports or result sheets are distributed on the result-publication day.

School Uniform

The school uniform is compulsory for all the students . Students without proper school uniform are not allowed to enter into the school compound during the school hours. School makes available of the samples of the school uniform at the beginning of the new academic sessions. School Badge, Tie, Belt ID card etc are provided by the school.

This school has managed to change the school uniform of all the levels from/since the academic year 2075 B.S.

School Transport facilities.
  • - GSASS provides School Bus facility to desired students.
  • - The schedules for Bus route, Bus stops and the timing will be issued from the school at the beginning of each academic session.
  • - The senior students must take care of the junior ones inside the school bus.
Extra Curricular Activities

GSASS believes in the statement of 'Healthy Body Healthy Mind.' Spacious playground and necessary sports facilities are equipped within the school. Students are provided with essential sports and games importunity to engage in different activities. This school organizes different cultural programmes so that students' inherent potential can be exposed.

Different children clubs are formed to share and care each other; Quiz club, Eco-club, Junior Red-Cross circle, scouts etc to push them in the right direction to promote real world experiences, foster friendship, team work and build self esteem etc.

Parents Teachers Meeting

PTM is considered very essential to upgrade. Students' performance. So, this school organizes PTM regularly and as per the need too. While organizing programme, experts are also invited to bridge the gap between parents, teachers and students too. Class wise and subject wise meeting with parents-teachers-students is also programmed time to time.

Hostels and Canteen

Hostels are spacious and neat. Their allocations are specific to class and gender of the students. Adequate arrangements of academic staff are made for efficient pastoral care of the students. Efforts have been made to ensure the boarder's comfort, cleanliness, good health and happiness by providing a homely atmosphere.

Canteen is within the school premises. Good and healthy, hygienic food is supplied with the canteen.

Library and laboratory
  • GSASS Library consists of ample collection of Reading and reference materials to the students and teachers of their productive studies and learning materials.
  • it deserves well-equipped and spacious Science laboratory as required by the curriculum for secondary level.
Why to choose GSASS ?
  1. Healthy environment with high degree of discipline.
  2. Full-fledged English Medium school
  3. Emphasis on character building activities through value education.
  4. The school environment is quite quiet so that children can learn in a better way.
  5. This school has a good play ground for extra-curricular activities.
  6. This school has a good transportation facility with all new comfortable buses.
  7. Excellent Academic record in SLC and SEE board exams.
  8. Ample opportunities for revealing abstruse potentialities and talents of the students.
  9. Personal attention, individual guidance and counseling to all students.
  10. A highly dedicated, devoted and experienced professional teaching staff.
  11. Regular games and sports opportunities for physical and natural growth.
  12. Provision of different House Activities for balanced personality development by professional instructors.
  13. Well-equipped spacious labs and well stocked resource center.
  14. Well-furnished and spacious class rooms with necessary teaching materials.
  15. Workshop with projector based classes.
  16. Well-equipped computer lab with the facilities of internet.
  17. All new buses for transportation facilities.
  18. Hygienic canteen, Day boarders and Hostel.
  19. Educational outing and tour to different Historical and Religious places.
  20. Complete Montessori Methods for Primary level.
  21. Project Work.